Annwyn is a facilitator through individual sessions, workshops and specialised retreats.
She speaks very openly about her own journey. In particular, a powerful experience of grief when her son was killed in a car accident. Grief affects us, and here’s how we can work with it in life.
Guided Meditation
The interview includes a guided meditation which promotes one’s personal harmony, peace and, a sense of unity.
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Blair Styra is a trance channel. He has worked professionally bringing non-physical teacher Tabaash through for over 30 years.
Insights of Grief
We hear firstly from Blair. He shares openly his experience as his wife passed into spirit (Aug/2020), and his understandings of grief and the many dynamics around it.
Teachings on Change
Tabaash then comes through and speaks to us about our current era giving helpful ways forward in a challenging and powerful time. Topics such as the environment, changing leadership energies and individuality are discussed.

Dr Alexander Bennett. A renowned Martial Arts practitioner, a prolific author and translator of historical texts, and a university professor.
Insights of Japan
With over 30 years of dedication based in Japan, ‘Alex’ has gained great insight into the unique cultural ways of Japan, the history and wisdom of the Japanese Martial arts in particular, Kendo, and promotion of his own personal development.
Stories and wisdoms
Alex shares openly these treasures of Japan and his experience in a relaxed conversation which includes a touching story of his role with the Welsh National Rugby Team in the 2019 Rugby World Cup, among others.

May Alnajjar is a Pranic Healer from Kuwait based in Bahrain
Living Her Practice
Hear about May’s healing method of choice, her personal journey in discovering it, and how she sees it working and helping. May lives her practice and shares some of the disciplines that she is engaging with at this time.
Facilitating Others
May has taught others how to balance, to clear and to move forward through change. Her workshops, meditations and healing sessions are well established and some students have gone on to develop their own practices.
May talks about the value of her relationships. In particular, her marriage and her son.

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