Personal Training

I assist clients with effective fitness training. From elite athletes, business leaders to those looking for the next level of refinement, experience your training as a spiritual practice and go to new heights.

Rehabilitation is something I enjoy. Looking at things with a fresh perspective and a belief in the incredible restorative powers that we have, coupled with dedicated training is enough to change a life experience. When we are progressing, we feel good.

Personal Training provides an environment of focused training for results and a natural flow of information that helps. It flushes out any tensions or negativity and leaves you feeling revitalised, balanced and clear.


*Training that acknowledges the mind-body-spirit design stimulates your power


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10682317_10152912882203384_207631079194147874_oMind/Body/Spirit Mentoring

In-Person or via Skype, sessions provide perspectives that empower, tools that assist. Whether you are looking for more in your life, wanting to understand about energy, or hoping to feel more balance and harmony daily, a one hour session might be enough to get you moving. Ongoing sessions are available.

It is always a pleasure to meet with others that are sincerely promoting their well being and growth. I think we all help each other this way.


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Energy Work/Facilitated Self Healing

Energy/body work assists people in feeling at ease, balancing emotions, restoring energy, soothing stress and exploring insights.

While studying bodywork in New Zealand I realised I could bring energy through my hands to assist clients. I have continued to integrate this skill into Personal Training work and by request provide sessions dedicated to this entirely.

I am now offering 30min or 60min Skype sessions for Facilitated Healing. In a time of rapid change and expansion, and also the awareness of things that are not working for us so well, I have seen that some soothing, some fresh perspectives and a supportive energy, can make all the difference.

The link here will notify me of your interest and I will respond quickly.

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I facilitates groups in mind power, relaxation, meditation and offering perspectives through live sessions. Group energy can be very powerful when aligned with common intentions and the heart.


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