Hello Everyone. My name is Paul Stewart and I am the Creator of Light Body Training.


I reside in Japan and provide my services both in-person, and online through Skype. I practice two Japanese Martial arts. Iaido and Kendo pictured in that order. I also love to bike around the city visiting parks and shrines, interacting with nature and people.


My 25 years as a Personal Trainer gave me many opportunities to explore the world and, to explore consciousness. The tools I have utilised and benefitted from in my own life, combined with my natural facilitating ability, has allowed me to work with clients in successful ways.


On top of my professional studies and experience, a significant training for me, was a journey around the world in 2001-2002. Departing from New Zealand with only fifty-eight dollars in my pocket, I used a great deal of intuition and experienced a full range of possibilities over a ten month period. It is impossible to sum that up here but, I am now working on publishing my memoir. That will be a fun and inspiring read for sure.


I am also an artist using oil on canvas. It is also a very intuitive experience and each painting is both healing and revealing. I am greatly enjoying my own creations and they are filling up my home providing a very nice energy. I created a site called where I share some of these works.


Fundamentally, we are all vibrations. We are multi dimensional. I thoroughly enjoy these different expressions I have of my work with LightBodyTraining, my art, my writing, and my daily adventures. I believe that whenever we are in our ultimate state-of-being, we are making a huge contribution to all that is. And we can feel that.


We also have our distractions. And that’s another reason I love my work. It keeps me focused and present and evolving. And I see it affecting others in similar though unique ways.