Hello Everyone. My name is Paul Stewart and I am the Creator of Light Body Training.

Early Facilitating Experiences

My work began in 1997 formally after graduating from University though I had been heavily involved in related activities throughout my life and took my first coaching role as a 14 year old. This natural interest kept leading me to more opportunities and developments.

Solitude And Siblings

I was born in Pahiatua New Zealand but we moved to Whanganui when I was 6 years old. Being from a large family of seven children, I had ample opportunities to play games and enjoy with my younger siblings providing a wonderful chance for me to be a big brother. I also liked my solitude and would bike out to the river mouth and fish for the entire day alone with the elements.

I think this solitude allowed me to know a vibrational aspect of my self or, my natural way of being. It fuelled me, inspired me and nourished that spirit of adventure which is so strong in me.

Career Develops As Do Healing Abilities And Awareness

My career took of after graduating from University and I began to train people one-on-one. I felt I learnt more in that process than what any formal education could provide. I also noticed that establishing roles like this creates a platform upon which our natural abilities can pour out.

During this time, my healing abilities started to appear and I had many spiritual experiences that opened my eyes to more and that felt very natural to me. I also saw that it was helping my clients. It was very fulfilling and interesting. After some time I saw less in visions and energy etc and I would just have a knowing. The early experiences gave me a lot of confidence in my natural way of working.

Walking Around The World

Of all my adventures, perhaps the most extreme was a journey I did around the world departing New Zealand with only $58. Putting myself out there with no safety net and just my belief in life, humanity and myself, was quite an eye-opener to say the least.

Long Stints In Kuwait And Japan – Different Expressions Of Success

My career has helped me explore the world more and share with people of different backgrounds and life circumstances. I have been based in Australia, sailed around the world as a Fitness Director on a luxury cruise ship and am currently residing in Tokyo, Japan working and practicing the Japanese Martial Arts of Kendo and Iaido since 2014.

Prior to Japan, I was settled in Kuwait for 5 years.  Living in the region offered me the chance to explore other countries such as Oman and Jordan, UAE and Syria. I had the great privilege and honour to bring my parents to enjoy the wonder of the Middle East which is a highlight of my life on reflection. In Kuwait I was steadily practicing my tools of empowerment and this culminated in a dream role as a private trainer for a business leader.

Deliberate Creating

Everything I had experienced was deliberately created and this reinforced what I had been sharing with clients up to this point. It was also nice to experience that level of success and comfort while providing insights from working in a very different scenario. I think business leaders can do very well when feeling is nurtured through training experiences. It is very balancing and creates ripples into all their dealings. We all like to feel balanced and there are always ways to enhance our experience and soothe our stress.

Expressing Life

I write and paint so this is part of my movement. To put the expressions out there. I get great peace and happiness from these things and am creating ways to share them. I feel it is quite a rich life as we do more of what we love and what is natural to us. I encourage people to do this for themselves.

Please feel welcome to say hello.


Thank you and have a lovely day,