IMG_6831Body Relax

Follow along with Paul as I guide you through the body progressively letting go to deeper levels of ease, relaxation and stillness. This lying-down 15min process is supported by soft music and ends quietly to allow for more rest if needed. No experience is required. Highly recommended for everyone including children.



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energystreamEnergy Stream

This powerful 15min meditation gives you the experience of pulling energy into your system as you learn how to raise your vibration consciously. If practiced, it will set up a permanent increased flow of energy greatly assisting with alignment and emotional balance. It is enhanced with gentle musical sounds throughout and conducted in a seated upright position.


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IMG_6693Universal Expansion

Firstly through centering the body, this 15min illuminating meditation takes you beyond physical limitations into more of who you are. Creating space is one of the gifts of meditation. It allows new inspiration and insights to be heard and also, for old energy to release. Each experience is unique. The mind accepts easily as the guided process has integrated it. The gentle music also assists. Meditations such as this can evolve your experience powerfully.


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CD’s are in Mp3 form. Physical CD’s by emailed request @3000y.

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