An Old Tokyo Home and Our New Possibilities

Related eBooks Written by Paul Stewart I was drawn to stop and look at the old home. A single-level dwelling on a quiet corner, it was made of dark coloured wood and surrounded by a grey brick fence.  It had the character that is typical in these older homes of Japan. It seemed run-down, uncared for and derelict. But, I… Read more →

Special Places

Everything is different when we live from a point of personal harmony. I love to find those places in my vicinity that soothe my mind and help me into the best state-of-being for me.This is a lovely little park near where I lived for the first few years in Japan. Sumida-Ku, Tokyo. Read more →

The Art Of Service

As I do my work and enjoy this enriching time in Japan, I occasionally meet others that have also come to Japan to work and explore, to grow and to feel interested in life. It is stimulating to see how people choose to go about living in a new culture, how they set up their business and also, what are… Read more →