The Art Of Service

As I do my work and enjoy this enriching time in Japan, I occasionally meet others that have also come to Japan to work and explore, to grow and to feel interested in life. It is stimulating to see how people choose to go about living in a new culture, how they set up their business and also, what are the insights they are gaining from their chosen adventure.

Dr Andrew Kissane has his office in the Ginza area of Tokyo and provides support and expertise for his largely expat clients. A psychiatrist offering psychotherapy and counselling, Andrew has created  his company complete with thorough patient assessments and support. I provided some PT sessions for him and we discussed the benefits of exercise as part of someones well-being program.

I always feel good with the thought of people serving people. One thing I noticed immediately in his spacious office where we trained, were the green curtains. It may sound funny, but I always associate the colour green with the heart and nature. It is a nice thought to consider that the heart is key even when dealing with thoughts and mind matters. It is from someones true feeling, not just thoughts and emotions, where true healing and opening occurs. And we know from experience, sometimes these surface layers need a bit of tidying up as we access more and more of our power and clarity.

The art of service in part, is ones ability to hold a state of well being and alignment while in the presence of others that may not be in that moment. It also includes sensing the alignment in them as a realized potential and supporting their process and choice to experience it.

I believe in the light of the soul. Holding the vision of someones best is very powerful. It is quite different to looking at their problems and trying to fix them all. As people feel better, in whatever way works for them, they can be more objective with their day to day reality, they can have moments of clarity and they can get a sense that the nature of life is evolutionary and expanding. Aligning oneself with such universal principles is an art and a practice but one you get a taste of it, you automatically have the fuel to keep going, to accept yourself where you are at, and to begin deliberately creating your reality with undistracted powerful positive focus.


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