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Light Body Training


Light Body Training upgrades and harmonises the human system. It does this through specific physical training, empowering mentoring, energy body work, and other tools that have proven to be effective. It takes you from where you are, into more life.

I am Paul Stewart. The facilitator of Light Body Training. It is my pleasure to introduce my work here and I trust you will enjoy and benefit from my offered skills and disciplines. Like everyone, I am glad to discover tools and practices that support my wellbeing, give me a sense of empowerment, and encourage me in my creative endeavours.

In my work, I teach what I know. It is very satisfying to see these sharings play some role in the upliftment and success of others. It makes me reflect on how many souls have also affected me, as they lived their lives and shared themselves generously.

Whether your focus is fitness, recovery, personal development or navigating change, I am pleased to receive your enquiry and will respond directly.

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Send me an email to make a reservation or, to enquire about which service will work best for you today. You are welcome.