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For Mind Body Spirit Balance and Power

Light Body Training

We are souls in human form and we live in a time of great awakening. It is natural that we look at our selves, in mind body and spirit, and enhance what we have. It is also natural to explore and evolve, and to integrate these new felt understandings into our daily life. My name is Paul Stewart, and I have been assisting people through my work called light body training for 25 years. I bring practiced and understood tools relating to empowerment of mind body and spirit through training and mentoring services.



Consciousness is awakening on the planet. We awaken in many ways. It is very interesting to focus on your own awakening, to observe yourself and to make choices that work for you. The conscious training methods of Light Body training, can assist in clarifying and facilitating these wonderful expansions of life through your self.

Balance In Training

People are different but one thing is sure, if we are in personal balance, everything is easier and we emit our true soul energy into the world. This is greatly helped by training with mind body and spirit awareness.

Combining much professional experience with many personal adventures and explorations, has helped me work with people in a positive light. I greatly enjoy the concept of empowerment and it has been a theme running in my awareness much of my life.

Let’s Help Each Other Humanity

I think we are all serving each other in a myriad of ways. Sometimes through a service like this and sometimes, just through our particular presence and energy. Working in this field has given me the opportunity to express and develop who I am and to enjoy seeing others grow and feel better. We notice our energy change and a certain ease emerge through focused empowering training.


Send me an email to make a reservation or, to enquire about which service will work best for you today. You are welcome.