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Light Body Training

Welcome! My name is Paul Stewart and I facilitate services of wellbeing and empowerment. Light Body Training includes:  Mentoring,  Healing,  Personal Training and Life Skills Development. 

Training Helps

We are all evolving and enriching all of creation in the process. There is so much adventure and wisdom to be known in this world. As we grow, our body, mind and spirit work together to let us live with clarity and experience our personal ways of success.

Balance In Training

People are different but one things is sure, if we are in personal balance, everything is easier and we emit our true soul energy into the world. This is greatly helped by training mind body and spirit.

Combining professional experience with personal adventure and exploration has helped me work with people in a positive light. I greatly enjoy the concept of empowerment and it has been a theme running in my awareness much of my life.

Let’s Help Each Other Humanity

I think we are all serving each other in a myriad of ways. Sometimes through a service like this and sometimes, just through our particular presence and energy. Working in this field has given me the opportunity to express and develop who I am and to enjoy seeing others grow and feel better.


Upon discussion, I help people select the way we work together. Monthly in-advance rates are applicable for ongoing training.

Thanks for visiting and do feel welcome to explore my videos, writings, meditations and training services.

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