Hello Everyone. My name is Paul Stewart and I am the Creator of Light Body Training. My work began in 1997 formally after graduating from University. I quickly realised a natural ability in working with people and certainly, a passion and interest in evolving everything.

Growing up in Wanganui in the North Island, I was immersed in competitive sports and outdoor activities including hiking, fishing and kayaking. I had after-school jobs from the age of ten and they supported my activities and sweet eating habits. I represented my city in four sports and regularly trained in two of them in one day. It was fitness through doing! It was adventure through living.

As an adventurer, I have since travelled to nearly 60 countries including a remarkable walk around the world on $58. I also travelled to Peru and Mexico on enlightening trips with an author and inspiring fellow adventurer and was the Fitness Director onboard award winning Luxury Cruise Ship, Crystal Symphony. I was based in the Middle East for 5 years achieving great success in my field while continuing my explorations of the area and that of ‘energy’. What is energy? Everything! How do we work with the energy of our life? Notice energy and practice directing energy as a conscious creator.

As I have understood more through living and also, been stimulated by various perspectives, I have brought that into the art of Light Body Training. We provide training on all levels of mind, body and spirit.

Integrating experience from training elite athletes, wealthy busy business people, rehabilitation and consultation, group work and working with thoughts and vibrations as well as my personal practices over the last 20 years, I have gained many insights into focused training. I also believe that everyone has their natural gifts and that if we promote these, we see an incredible ripple effect and gain a sense of the wonderful evolutions that we are involved in. My way is through training people in their physical fitness and also, bringing new perspectives to the mind that enrich and build new platforms to launch from. I also take people beyond the mind through meditation and hands-on energy-body work.

WE live in such a time of awakening. It is a free choice of course but I am seeing in many clients and friends, real leaps in how they feel, their sense and experience of success in the world (family/business/personal) and their simple yet beautiful state-of-being.

I love the name, light body training and all it communicates. One can feel lighter with training. It pushes out stress and promotes better flow within our system. We are Light Beings living the experience on Earth and we are evolving how we see ourselves, express ourselves and indeed, create ourselves.

Now based in Tokyo, I enjoy the subtle awareness here and the ability of people to communicate without talking. My practice is Kendo and Iaido, which gives me the exercise I need, but also, it is rich with other levels of awareness and the opportunities to practice energy understandings.


I personally welcome you to light body training and if you feel you will benefit from some sessions, just send an email and lets begin the positive and productive journey.


“Wherever you are now, is the perfect place to launch yourself into new levels of well-being, success and enlightenment”