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It is my pleasure to provide light body training to my committed and focused clients.


My name is Paul Stewart. For over 23 years and throughout several countries, I have built my craft and greatly enjoy sharing tools that have worked for me in living my dreams and being myself. I know there is always more and as we train and evolve our personal systems, we live with greater clarity and we feel lighter.

We are deliberate creators. Our success is self defined.

What is a personal System?

We are mind body and spirit. When we train all components and harmonise them, we get the best results. Light Body Training always acknowledges and integrates these components in a way best suited to the person and their development.

The method includes: Personal Training, Coaching, Mind Training and Energy Work

Each of these components is a rich and enjoyable training potential.

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Light Body Training is a leading edge success and empowerment focused training method using exercise, mind power tools, meditation and cutting edge understandings that remind you that you are in the drivers seat of your life experience.

Structured ongoing Personal Training gives you confidence, excellent fitness and also releases stress in a positive way. This training provides a wonderful base for many. It may include strength training, core work, sport specific or rehabilitation among other functional focus points. 

Meditation is a powerful and easy way to calm the mind. As the mind quietens, we are able to perceive the deeper levels of communication  and we navigate through life skilfully and in fulfilling ways. If you have a busy mind or just want to learn to listen to your self more, meditation is a great practice and it can remind us of our unlimited self. It also puts us in a great state to receive. The Mp3’s on this site are loaded with energy and will provide a solid support system for you and your well being. Guided Meditation is also provided in sessions occasionally. Experience matters!

Mind Power tools that have proven to be very effective include focusing thought deliberately to create, recognising that thoughts do create and also, supportive teachings that help us work with our mind in evolving and authentic ways. We are powerful creators! 

Bodywork has been a helpful ingrediant integrated into training sessions or booked as complete session. I have seen it accelerate recovery from injury and surgery while also helping people feel better emotionally and also, during sessions, client have reported receiving guidance and insights that help them in their life circumstances. Body work facilitates personal alignment. It is easy, beneficial and often deeply relaxing!


Thank you and I celebrate your excellent evolutions through training. I will respond to emails quickly. 

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Light Body Training is Personal Training PLUS! ~ Take your fitness to new levels. Become more conscious of the power of thoughts and intentions. Practice deliberately creating. Actually enjoy your training as you feel awake and your mind body spirit sing in harmony. Feel stress fall away as you live in clarity more and more.

Whether you’re a business leader, a parent, an athlete or artist, a light worker; Light Body Training takes you further.

From Olympic Athletes, to high-end Luxury Cruise Ship customers, Ruling Family Members (Middle East) to Personal Training Services for a World Business Leader, Light Body Training brings a wealth of experience for optimal progress to your training sessions. In a time where we benefit so quickly from personal upgrades, take your fitness to new levels. Experience the power of a well-organized mind body spirit system.




A recent client in Japan received a comment from his wife within three sessions of how much ‘cooler’ he was. Yes. He was more relaxed. His eyes were brighter and his focus was superb. Over a short period, his body began to tone, his posture improved and he reported having more energy on the weekends for his wife and two young children. The children themselves seemed to be quite curious during the sessions and they could be heard or seen jumping around with energy outside the training room door. This is the kind of ripple effect light body training has.


Actual Client Success Stories (names changed)


Enhance personal energy

Unlocking new reservoirs of energy can transform your results at work and throughout your personal life. Paul helps individuals to reclaim their full potential, effectively and sustainability.

Joan was an 85yr old suffering the side effects of swelling, discoloration and frequent ‘blackouts’ after knee replacement surgery. The surgery and related issues had perhaps thrown Joans system out of balance. Within one session of Energy Work, the blackouts stopped and her legs returned to their natural color.

Optimize performance

A disciplined approach to diet and exercise builds long-lasting benefits. Paul helps clients struggling with chronic physical conditions to identify and take effective action.

As a Personal Trainer Working closely with other rehabilitation professionals, Paul trained an international basketball player back to peak fitness after surgery. The player went on to score the first points for New Zealand at the Olympic Games.

Clarify personal vision

Professional goals need not conflict with one’s mental and spiritual well-being. Paul works with clients at all levels, integrating body, mind, and heart to generate an approach that energizes and rejuvenates.

Fay herself an Energy Worker and Spiritual Teacher, through her discussions in Coaching Sessions with Paul, was able to understand particular things that were happening in her life. She was helped in moving forward with greater clarity, confidence and success.




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