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As we exercise consistently with presence and focus, the power of our presence builds and ripples into all areas of our lives. It is a very meaningful way to train. 



Experience feeling ‘lighter’ and come into greater alignment through a strong and well functioning body as you exercise and train in optimal ways. Notice the ripple effects as your newfound energy touches your relationships, career and creativity in general. Take athletic performance further and experience the myriad of typical benefits like weight loss, youthfulness and energy. A clear mind and fit body is your new launching pad to more!


We live in a fast-changing world and people are doing very well with focused training. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, to promote energy and to activate our personal power. It often surprises people how much flow they create by doing some Personal Training sessions. Clients have seen opportunities come to them more easily, gained insights into how to bring more of themselves into their work and, have appreciated how their positive changes have also affected others close to them. Not to mention the physical performance achievements.



A recent client in Japan received a comment from his wife within three sessions of how much ‘cooler’ he was. Yes. He was more relaxed. His eyes were brighter and his focus was superb. Over a short period, his body began to tone, his posture improved and he reported having more energy on the weekends for his wife and two young children. The children themselves seemed to be quite curious during the session and they could be heard or seen jumping around with energy. This is the kind of ripple effect positive light body training has.


Client Success Stories


Enhance personal energy

Unlocking new reservoirs of energy can transform your results at work and throughout your personal life. Paul helps individuals to reclaim their full potential, effectively and sustainability.

Joan was an 85yr old suffering the side effects of swelling, discoloration and frequent ‘blackouts’ after knee replacement surgery. The surgery and related issues had perhaps thrown Joans system out of balance. Within one session of Energy Work, the blackouts stopped and her legs returned to their natural color.

Optimize performance

A disciplined approach to diet and exercise builds long-lasting benefits. Paul helps clients struggling with chronic physical conditions to identify and take effective action.

As a Personal Trainer Working closely with other rehabilitation professionals, Paul trained an international basketball player back to peak fitness after surgery. The player went on to score the first points for New Zealand at the Olympic Games.

Clarify personal vision

Professional goals need not conflict with one’s mental and spiritual well-being. Paul works with clients at all levels, integrating body, mind, and heart to generate an approach that energizes and rejuvenates.

Fay herself an Energy Worker and Spiritual Teacher, through her discussions in Coaching Sessions with Paul, was able to understand particular things that were happening in her life. She was helped in moving forward with greater clarity, confidence and success.


Sessions are offered in 6 PHASES. After the initial  CONDITIONING period, we launch into focus on KEY AREAS of success such as: NUTRITION, ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE, EMOTIONAL & MENTAL WELLBEING. The phases include complete PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS tailored to the individual or group.



3 sessions per week. (60-90MINS EACH) for optimal results

Start with the conditioning phase of 24 sessions (8weeks)

Communicate your needs and dreams in a free initial consultation.

Enjoy your evolutions



Light Body Training is Personal Training PLUS! ~ Take your fitness to new levels. Become more conscious of the power of thoughts and intentions. Practice deliberately creating. Actually enjoy your training as you feel awake and your mind body spirit sing in harmony. Feel stress fall away as you live in clarity more and more.

Whether you’re a business leader, a parent, an artist or light worker, Light Body Training takes you further.

From Olympic Athletes, to high-end Luxury Cruise Ship customers, Ruling Family Members (Middle East) to Personal Training Services for a World Business Leader, Light Body Training brings a wealth of experience for optimal progress to your training sessions. In a time where we benefit so quickly from personal upgrades, take your fitness to new levels. Experience the power of a well-organized mind body spirit system.

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