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portraitWelcome! My name is Paul Stewart and my work is Light Body Training.

We feel good when we are evolving. Light Body Training is a powerful, integrative service that works with you on all levels of mind, body, and spirit.

From cutting edge effective personal fitness training to mind power tools, guided meditations, restorative energy work and coaching sessions, I have enjoyed working with clients around the world facilitating enhanced outlooks, measurable results, renewed alignment, and empowerment.

Many clients often start out as fitness aspirants and soon begin to integrate a deeper level to their training. This ability to focus and calm the mind during activity opens up other areas of awareness that is encouraged. Steadily, people discover a greater power within themselves and the ability to direct that into creations they prefer. This is exercise as a spiritual practice. Some clear outcomes are a sharp increase in positivity, hope, clarity and also, tangible results in your chosen field of attention.

Originally from New Zealand, I am now based in Japan. I have 18 years experience as a Personal Trainer specializing in ‘Whole Person’ integrated training systems.  I have had the privilege to travel to nearly 60 countries and invest in studies of advanced cultures, energy practices and consistently develop understandings of conscious evolution which I share in a positive, friendly and empowering way.

Currently, I’m fully immersed in the practice of Kendo (Japanese way of the sword) as my chosen form of mind-body-spirit exercise. These teachings are amplifying my sessions and I greatly enjoy bringing this new level of coaching to clients through any of the services listed on this site.

You are very welcome to contact me directly here to book a session or enjoy some of the links. The guided meditations are highly recommended. They come highly charged with positive powerful vibrations and will assist you directly in deep relaxation, system energizing and awareness expansion.

To Your Best,
Paul Stewart




Client Success Stories

Enhance personal energy

Unlocking new reservoirs of energy can transform your results at work and throughout your personal life. Paul helps individuals to reclaim their full potential, effectively and sustainability.

Joan was an 85yr old suffering the side effects of swelling, discoloration and frequent ‘blackouts’ after knee replacement surgery. The surgery and related issues had perhaps thrown Joans system out of balance. Within one session of Energy Work, the blackouts stopped and her legs returned to their natural color.

Optimize performance

A disciplined approach to diet and exercise builds long-lasting benefits. Paul helps clients struggling with chronic physical conditions to identify and take effective action.

As a Personal Trainer Working closely with other rehabilitation professionals, Paul trained an international basketball player back to peak fitness after surgery. The player went on to score the first points for New Zealand at the Olympic Games.

Clarify personal vision

Professional goals need not conflict with one’s mental and spiritual well-being. Paul works with clients at all levels, integrating body, mind, and heart to generate an approach that energizes and rejuvenates.

Fay is herself, an energy worker and Spiritual Teacher. Through her discussions in Coaching Sessions with Paul, she was able to understand particular things that were happening in her life. She was helped in moving forward with greater clarity, confidence and success.